Panthera – Home Care Instructions


Cleaning your Panthera Sleep Appliance with NovaDent
The maintenance of your Panthera sleep appliance is very simple.

  1. Pour 185 mL (3/ 4 Cup) of tap water into the container provided (NOTE: it is recommended to let this tap water stand for a few hours for the
    Chlorine to evaporate out).
  2. Add one sachet of NovaDent powder. You can use Regular or UltraSoft NovaDent; both are efficient. Stir until the powder is completely dissolved.
  3. Place the appliance in the safety basket & sink it into the container provided. The dental appliance may be soaked for several hours up to all day long. The goal is to dissolve the microorganisms & particles of tarter which have accumulated over the night of use.
  4. Remove the appliance, thoroughly rinse it with water, & allow it to dry. The appliance is now ready to be worn.

This solution is active for 7 successive days in the container, at room temperature, with a sealed lid. The NovaDent is biodegradable & does not contain any acid or chlorine; its mild formula will not damage your appliance over time, & will maintain the original white color for many years. However, NovaDent will stain dark clothing & surfaces. Please handle the solution with great care.

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