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Air Abrasion

When tooth decay is in its initial stages, we may be able to use air abrasion to treat it for you. We use a forced jet of air combined with a powder to gently remove the decay, and then put a permanent filling in. This works especially well with children, as there is no drilling involved.


After decay is removed from your tooth, or if your tooth has fractured, your dentist will place a filling. Fillings replace the damaged tooth structure, strengthening the tooth. Depending on the location of the filling, your dentist may recommend either a tooth-coloured or metal filling.


When a large part of the tooth is missing, we usually recommend a crown. A crown restores the tooth's shape and is permanently cemented to the remaining tooth structure. It provides stability and strength for the tooth, by holding it together. Crowns are either white or metal, depending on what your dentist recommends and your decision.

Bridges and Implants

Do you have teeth missing? Are you reluctant to smile? A bridge consists of a replacement tooth, held in place by crowns on the teeth on either side. An implant is a replacement tooth that is anchored to the bone.

Inlays and Onlays

While fillings are generally quicker and more cost-effective, inlays and onlays are stronger, particularly for large restorations. We will make an appointment for you to have an impression taken, send it to one of our local dental labs, and then cement it in place for you at your next appointment.


We have several options available for dentures. Your dentist will discuss your options with you, so you can make the most appropriate choice.

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